I have worked as a portrait, fine art, food, nature, and family photographer for over 35 years. Although it is people and families that I work with the most, a specialty of mine is pet portraits - all pets are welcome - but especially our canine friends, and I seek to capture the special ancient bonds and unconditional love that exists between human and animal and the moments that those bonds create. All of my equipment - from cameras, lenses, computer to regularly color-calibrated monitor, with the exception of some vintage Nikon lenses, are the latest technology. I have used Nikon cameras & lenses since the 1980’s and they have never once failed on me, which is why I still use them today. My main shooter is a Nikon D850, back-up is a D750. Many of my crane & wildlife images are taken with my favorite lens - a vintage 1970's 400mm f3.5 ED Nikkor. A very heavy but fantastic piece of glass. I have lived in Steamboat Springs Colorado for the last 17 years and can often be found in the backcountry hiking, fishing, backpacking, skiing, snowshoeing, and of course taking photographs.