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Bath Wedding Photographer – What’s it all about then?
It’s about you getting a unique and authentic record of your wedding day, everyone looks best when they are relaxed and being themselves, yes to relaxing and having a party, no to being told what to do and having to pose in a cheesy manner!

When I photograph a wedding, I let everything flow, and don’t interrupt or fuss about. I pride myself on my authentic, documentary approach to wedding photography. The way I approach a wedding is to be as descreet as possible and to not intrude on your day at all. For me, that is the best way to be able to take photos that fully portray the personalities of yourselves, your family and your mates.
I do still take a number of group shots if requested, but aim to photograph these as efficiently as possible, you don’t want to be missing your wedding hanging around for set-up shots after all!
Take a little look around my website, see my previous work on my blog or portfolio pages, check out my Instagram feed, and find out a bit more info about me.