I’ve spent years taking pictures of places I’ve been. Whether on a mountain trail here in Colorado or while traveling in Scotland, Italy, Mexico or my own backyard, I’m captivated by ordinary objects, the way light falls upon someone’s face and the challenge to capture the mood of a place or the essence of a human being. I believe a good photograph is far more than technically idea. Portraits of women are my specialty, especially women over 50. Why? Because the stories of women fascinate me. Women have stories that are rich in texture and wisdom. See yourself in a different light; be the star in your own story! All too often time passes and we neglect to capture the moments in our life. Sometimes these memories become our tether to the life we have lived. Do I only photograph women? Hell, no! Portraits of women, men, infants, students, all light me up. I’d love to photograph you, wherever you are in life.