Tucson Wedding Photographer

Listing Types : Wedding
Location : Arizona

Hi! My name is Michael Chansley.  Most people just call me Mike.  I currently live in Tucson, Arizona with my wife Jen, 4-year-old daughter Abby, and two dogs Leo and Zoey


Getting to know my clients at a personal level is something I really enjoy!  Most end up becoming life long friends.  Some things you should know about me is that I’m very easygoing and can be very sarcastic.  I am a big Disney fan and follow Arizona basketball religiously.  If you do too, I can see us being best friends in no time!

I graduated with a photojournalism degree from the famed Brooks Institute of Photography in 2007 in dreams of being a staff photographer at Sports Illustrated.  A growing family and layoffs at SI have cut that dream short, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I still travel often to cover events, but most of my work is in Arizona. I cover everything from weddings and quinceaneras to corporate headshots and conference photos.  Photography is my full-time job and I make my clients a priority as I’m available 24/7/365