Choco Studio & City Hall Wedding Photographer

Listing Types : Wedding
Location : California

We are husband and wife San Francisco wedding photographers with a passion for authentic and natural moments.  If you’re having a big weekend celebration or you need an affordable San Francisco City Hall wedding photographer package – we welcome you to view our portfolio and get in touch.


Choco Studio was started by Mike and Nat in 2005 and we’ve now photographed over 300 weddings as a team. We love to develop a real connection with each of our couples. We photograph large events as well as intimate San Francisco City Hall weddings.


Your wedding day will move ahead at a relentless pace, barely letting you catch your breath. You know the feeling when you’re with your lover and the whole world seems to stand still?


We want to bring you the gift of having such moments on your wedding day. Your wedding photographs should be of moments when you actually feel something. Not staged, but inspired wedding pictures of real emotions and authentic love.


We love to document the day when a couple commits their lives to each other. Your wedding day is when you’ll likely feel most open and unguarded about your love for each other. Not afraid to show emotions. To be grateful for the gift of loving someone with all your heart and to be loved in return.


Choco Studio allows you to remember the wedding day without turning it into a photo shoot. Our goal is to photograph real moments and to be unobtrusive throughout the day.


We are San Francisco wedding photographers that capture the day in a documentary style. Whether you’re having a big weekend celebration or a beautiful San Francisco City Hall wedding, we know you want an affordable wedding photographer who knows all great great photo locations and how to get the best angles.


We welcome you to check out our San Francisco wedding photography website and get in touch.